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Individual Development Program (IDP)

Sessions that interest players, make them passionate about their own developmental journey and help them grow within specific areas within the game. Throughout the program players will work closely with coaches to evaluate performances, identify areas of improvements, and link this learning to their team settings. PDF of Player Performance Journal will be provided to those attending so players can log and maintain their development throughout the season. THIS PROGRAM OFFERING IS FOR CURRENT RSA TRAVEL TEAM PLAYERS ONLY.

Consistency and commitment is key in this program offering. If registering, players should attend weekly sessions. If not able to attend consistently, players should look to attend the Supplemental Technical sessions in place of the IDP sessions.

Players must register to attend (NO COST). Please send an email to [email protected] to register.


  • 6 Week Commitment
  •  SEASON 1 - Week of 9/5- Week of 10/10 (no session Labor Day)
  •  SEASON 2 - Week of 10/17- Week of 11/14
  • Players can attend both seasons during the fall.
  • 1hr and 15 minute session once a week - Format specific (7v7, 9v9, 11v11)
  • 9v9 - Monday nights 7:00-8:15PM
  • 7v7 - Tuesday nights 7:00-8:15PM
  • 2011 Boys - Wednesday nights 5:30-6:45PM
  • 2010 Boys - Wednesday nights  7:00-8:15PM
  • 2010 Girls - Thursday nights 7:00-8:15PM


- Players fill out self-assessment prior to attending first IDP session.
- Team coach will fill out coach assessment prior to first IDP session.
- After assessments individual journals PDFs will be provided with player assessment and coach specific feedback based on their assessment.
- The 1st "classroom" session IDP coach will run through assessment responses with individuals.


- Players fill out a form about the last game / training performance or they cannot attend until complete. (this will help coaches better prepare sessions towards individual’s needs).
Players need to have prior week's log up to date to attend.


- Juggling & Classroom Portion
- While juggling goes on, coach checks in on individual players log/homework.
SAQ - Physical development portion as well as warm up for individuals.
Technical Acquisition & Skill Development - This portion is specially catered to each player attending based on coaches/individual feedback and positions they play
Technical Application & Tactical Acquisition - Individual decision and small group tactics in a position specific setting
- S
SG - While SSGs are going on, coach pulls players individually to give feedback. 
Post-Session - Assigned week ahead "homework" / Player Reflection Period


- Player should look to complete 5+ soccer days during the game week. Teams sessions, IDP sessions, games and technical sessions all count as one day each.
Players log soccer days, other sports and video days into journal.
Coach provides one video a week for players to use as a match analysis.